Altos predicts a ‘catfish recovery’ for housing market

With home prices creeping back to near pre-recession levels, the housing market is well into recovery mode. For it to get there, it has needed a lot of factors to click into place: the pool of buyers had to grow, average credit scores needed to rise, and consumer confidence needed to increase.

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Signs point to another good year for the housing market, although the recovery most likely won’t clock the same breakneck speed as last year. Here are 5 predictions, made by experts in the field, to.

Altos: Housing ‘catfish’ swims to the bottom again.. vice president of market analytics at Altos, Altos predicts a ‘catfish recovery’ for housing market.

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The best housing markets forecast for the next five years are composed of 10 cities scattered from Washington State to Florida. These 10 U.S. cities are projected by Housing Predictor to have the highest probability of appreciating the most for all cities in the nation through 2016. Most of the best.

Historically, the normal housing market is volatile, and finding the inflection points for when prices bottom or surface at the zip code level is essential for netting a profit when it comes time.

Average monthly house payments jump 21% in fourth quarter Furthermore, Progressive has increased its dividend four times during the last five years for an average annual increase of 17.12%. On top of its annual variable dividend, Progressive just recently.Green Tree earns top marks in Fannie Mae mortgage servicer ratings Fannie Mae raising mortgage modification interest rate yet again In 2018, bonds, fixed income closed-end funds, and preferred shares experienced declining prices due to fears of rising interest rates. Of course. means that these are mortgages that are not issued.

Real estate agent Alex Wang was beaming with pride as he showed off his latest listing, a $4-million spread in the upscale community of Los Altos Hills. Welcome to the Silicon Valley real estate.

The market experiences volatility, but the big, sustained spikes and dips are the exceptions, not the rules. We’re entering the catfish recovery. What is the catfish recovery? Housing prices will find their way back to a fairly stable and sustainable place near the bottom and they’ll stay there for a while.

The Altos Research study looks at the market in Boston. to decrease only another 0.9%. But recovery will be slow, it predicts. The cumulative loss in home prices of 28% is more severe than the.

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