Zillow: Home price depreciation to worsen market into 2011

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Delaware witnessed the most home price depreciation since 2009, down 18.5% to $174,700 in September 2010. California’s home prices appreciated since 2009, up 1.9% to $337,200.

Even with the real-estate market mired in a slump, investors still clamored for shares of Zillow (NYSE. IPOs are getting sucked down into the market vortex, but they will most likely see better.

 · national home prices, including distressed sales, declined on a year-over-year basis by 3.1 percent in January 2012 and by 1.0 percent compared to December 2011, the sixth consecutive monthly.

You can’t trust Zillow and its estimates because they are getting paid by realtors.. s Zestimate for my house went up by 10s of thousands of dollars until they had it valued at more than double the market price for similar homes in my neighborhood.. because my home falls into the latter.

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"Zombie" homes and other neglected properties remain an issue in the Lower Hudson Valley, though local communities. on the market and worth an estimated $4.3 million, according to the online real.

If your agent does a market analysis of homes similar to one you are interested in (let’s say it’s listed at $350,000) and provides information that others similar homes recently closed between $330,000 and $340,000, offering $300,000 (“because “it’s a buyers market”, or “the housing market is so bad right now” or for “more room to negotiate”) may not be the best approach.

That’s according to Local Market Monitor (LMM), a Cary, N.C.-based real estate research firm that crunched the numbers for our list of the best and worst cities for home values in 2011. One list.

 · Bottom in the California Real Estate Market? To say that the real estate market in many parts of California has taken a beating would be an extreme understatement. The market has been completely taken apart in the past few years, with a speculation downwards acceleration over.

Majority of Americans expect housing fundamentals to rise

kerri ann panchuk. Investors looking for yield are acquiring more low-priced homes to fill growing rental demand, according to the latest. Kerri Ann Panchuk was the Online Editor of HousingWire.com, and regular contributor to HousingWire magazine. Kerri joined HousingWire as a Reporter in early 2011 and since earned a law degree from.

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