Aceves ruling: Foreclosed homeowner has cause to sue bank for fraud

This case has succeeded in getting at least a partial and significant victory over the MERS system, and voiding robosigned documents as being forged per se. This case affirms the homeowners right to.

With no-one interested in buying it, the property reverts back to the bank that holds the debt. Joe will begin serving a 41-month prison term for fraud and tax evasion. In the meantime, he has been.

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The lender reneged on its promise to negotiate with the woman and her husband over their home’s mortgage, giving the homeowners cause to sue for bank fraud in a ruling that could set a court precedent for victims mistreated by banks and bank servicing companies.

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Foreclosure Crisis. The foreclosure review was prompted by revelations that the major banks had filed thousands of false affidavits in courts across the country when seeking to foreclose on homeowners. Banks have also often filed forged or flawed documents when attempting to demonstrate the right to foreclose.

"Fraud is an everyday occurrence in foreclosures," said Madison attorney Reed Peterson, who has represented about 80 homeowners facing foreclosure. But many irregularities are never uncovered. The vast majority of foreclosed homeowners in Wisconsin don’t contest the banks’ actions, walking away from their homes, uprooting their families and.

Accordingly, we conclude that a homeowner who has been foreclosed on by one with no right to do so-by those facts alone-sustains prejudice or harm sufficient to constitute a cause of action for wrongful foreclosure. When a non-debtholder forecloses, a homeowner is harmed by losing her home to an entity with no legal right to take it.

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